We have normality.

Crucible is ecstatic to announce The Return to Normality starting June 2nd.  Here are the basics of how it will work; read below for our more in-depth statement.

  • Dancefloor open!  Masks optional!
  • If you are not vaccinated for any reason, please continue to wear a mask for now.
  • If you would like to continue masking you are welcome to do so without judgement.
  • If you're not comfortable coming out to the club yet, that's ok; we will welcome you back whenever you feel safe. ❤️

Further analysis:

We at Crucible have been closely monitoring the public health situation since the first days of the pandemic. As we have done throughout, we are following the best available scientific guidance. For months, we were closed entirely, or offered limited and masked service only. Now, we are pleased to announce that, following the guidance of Dane County Public Health and the CDC, we will be returning to normal operations on June 2nd.

This is possible because of the amazingly effective vaccines that are now available. Any of the vaccines currently approved for use in the US are extremely safe and remarkably effective. They have now been clearly proven to essentially eliminate serious and fatal outcomes from COVID-19, and to be very, very effective in preventing both disease as a whole and transmission. Dane County has achieved one of the highest total vaccination rates in the nation, and our case numbers have been plummeting. This is the outcome that we have been hoping for from the outset of this pandemic, and it has at last arrived.

We recognize that the past year has been very hard for everyone. We will welcome you back as and when you feel comfortable and safe returning to public spaces. If you wish to continue to wear a mask, you will be welcome to do so. If you wish to wait a while before returning, we understand, and look forward to seeing you when you are ready. If you have not yet been vaccinated, please take advantage of the resources that are available as soon as possible, and please continue to wear a mask until you can be vaccinated.