Amateur Burlesque Night

Cosplay Edition w/ contest!
Doors: 6:30 PM

This event was created to open up the opportunity for everyone to explore the art of burlesque. All are welcome to give it a try. Whether you come to watch or you come to grace the stage, this event is designed for amateur theatrical entertainment.

THEME: Cosplay

While the theme for the performers is Cosplay, we're also having a COSPLAY CONTEST for the audience!!! So, if that is your thing, come dressed up to the show. After the break we will have a contest for best Cosplay.
1st place = $50 cash + two Crucible drink chips.
2nd place = $25 cash + two Crucible drink chips.
3rd place = two Crucible drink chips.
All contestants will also receive a fist bump or high-five.

June 23rd - Cosplay Theme
July 28th - No theme
August - Furr-lesque (Animals theme)
September - Rock / Metal

NOTE: There will be no photography or video allowed at this event with the exception of each performer designating one person to take photos.
If you are interested in performing, please send an email to: or go to