Q: What are the hours

A: Our usual hours are:

  • 7-close Tuesday
  • 4-close Wed-Sat
  • 1-10 Sunday (or later if there's a show)

We're sometimes open other times for special things.

Q: Where is it?

A: On Madison's east side, near the intersection of HWY 30 and East Washington.  More info on our Location & Parking page.

Q: What kinds of events do you host?

A: A wide variety of live shows, dance nights, and dark / quirky events. Common events include dance/DJ nights, costume masquerades, fetish nights, rock shows, burlesque, drag, and more!

Q: I am a promoter and desperately want to use your venue!

A: Good! We like events and can't plan everything ourselves. Please visit the Booking page and send us information.

Q. Is Crucible an accessible venue?

A: Yes!  Crucible is all on one floor with no stairs or other barriers.  There is ramp to access the stage for performers.  If you need other accommodation, such as a place to sit during an otherwise stand-up show, just get in touch with us!