The Soap Girls

Doors: 6


The SoapGirls, French born sisters from Cape Town, are the world's hardest working band during lock-down performing over 400 live streams with extremely crazy rock 'n' roll shows, varied theme nights and dark humor.

A worldwide tour under the motto Don't Give A Damn Tour 2022 starts in April with venues in United Kingdom and Europe, followed by a USA tour in mid-August through mid-September, Japan in late September, then back to United Kingdom in early October. Rock fans of all stripe scan look forward to an extraordinary evening with one of the hottest and wildest live bands in the genre.

On April15, 2022, the single "Breathe" was released, which is the second single release of the much anticipated fourth album "In My Skin",to be released in June-just as their tour kicks into high gear. So Keep On Rockin' with The SoapGirls Live on Don't Give A Damn Tour 2022.

SPECIAL GUESTS - KMRC, a 5-piece pop rock band from the Madison WI. (Their Video)

The show with also include some burlesque entertainment as multiple burlesque performers take the stage!