Haunted Ones/Secret Records Presents: Rx - "Bedside Toxicology" Vinyl Release + all OhGr/Atkins


To launch the Secret Records vinyl release of the OhGr/Atkins album Rx - "Bedside Toxicology", we'll be hosting a special edition night of our goth/death/industrial/synth DJ night Haunted Ones!

We'll be playing all-vinyl OhGr (Skinny Puppy) & Martin Atkins (Ministry, PiL, NIN, Pigface....) related projects, all night, and slinging copies of the new album!

Come out and marvel at the insane discographies of OhGr/Atkins, get a record, and dance your ass off on a crisp Friday night!


Details about the release:
After working together in Skinny Puppy, Pigface, and Ministry, Kevin Ogilvie (Ogre/OhGr) & Martin Atkins made what has become an obscure and under-appreciated one-off album. Rx (originally "Ritalin") - Bedside Toxicology. The missing piece of the puzzle between Skinny Puppy and the "OhGr" project that would start a couple years later, Secret Records is honored to be bringing this industrial oddball to vinyl for the first time ever!
Deluxe and standard editions will be available for preorder starting Friday November 4th at 12:00 noon US central time, and available in person at this event Friday, December 2nd.