Bootblacks w/ Carrellee & Lorelei Dreaming

Doors: 7:00 PM
$15, $20 day of show

Crucible welcomes Bootblacks, Carrellee, and Lorelei Dreaming!

Bootblacks is a Brooklyn-based post-punk band that was formed in 2010. The current lineup of the band consists of Panther Almqvist on vocals, Barrett Hiatt on synth, and Kalle Fagerberg on guitar.

Bootblacks' sound is characterized by its brooding and atmospheric melodies, driving rhythms, and Almqvist's emotive vocals. The band draws inspiration from the post-punk and darkwave movements of the 1980s, but also incorporates contemporary elements of electronic music into their sound.

Carrellee comes from an American Singer/ Songwriter background. Her music is crafted from folk music, but twisted with electronics, and delivered with a bittersweet arrangement of emotions.

Lorelei Dreaming is the brain child of Lorelei to bring theatrical electronic music to the stage and digital world. Live performances are a multi-media experience of expressive lighting effect, atmospheric video manipulation, Lorelei's engaging stage presence, and of course the music.
Themes within our music are often about journeys and transformation, stories of hope, and sometimes darkness.